McMillan Pastoral Cloncurry

Back in 2007 we approached Henry chasing more grass during drier years. When doing so Henry suggested we look at Inorunie as an option. We went ahead with the purchase and were very happy with our first contact with Slaney & Co. As it was always only a grass option with better seasons around Cloncurry we decided to sell and we had no hesitations but to deal with Henry for this sale. People thought we didn’t stand a chance when putting Inorunie up for sale because of the downturn in the property market with very few properties selling at Auction. When approaching Henry to sell our Property in North Queensland he provided us with honest and professional advice to market our property. We spent long hours discussing with him our best option which was to go forward with a price in mind as this eliminated all other factors at the time of selling. We were very impressed with the services that Slaney & Co provided too us and had the property up for sale and sold in due time. What we thought was going to be a difficult and lengthy sale turned out to be very successful and this was due to the knowledge and professionalism of Henry. We were very impressed with Henrys contact between both parties at sale and could rely on him to keep us informed throughout the process. We would highly recommend Henry to market any properties as he has the knowledge, contacts and pro-active advice. We look forward to working with him in the future. Harold & Catherine, Anthony & Jane, Tom & Penny, Mark & Chelsea, William McMillan