About Us

Slaney & Co was formed by Henry & Jennifer Slaney in 2005 and has forged a prominent position in North Queensland’s rural property market. Our company has one simple mission “To deliver RESULTS that exceed our client EXPECTATIONS”. We work hard on providing personal service, transparent feedback and positive results

Speak to anyone who has experienced the process of buying or selling property and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of our many goals at Slaney & Co is to ensure your selling experience is pleasurable.


Slaney & Co is in the business of generating repeat business. Some notable North Qld Rural Property Sales in which Henry has been involved include…

:Redrock, Einasleigh 22,700ha :Savannah, Mount Surprise 3,562 :Kelly’s Hay Farm, Giru 85ha :Rocky Springs, Mount Surprise 17,650 :Tamworth, Hughenden 11,688 ha :Bareeba, Hughenden 4,413ha :Mugwee, Hughenden 10,084ha :Thornhill, Hughenden 10.060ha :Killarney, Hughenden 10,712ha :Greentop, Bowen 6,300ha :Granitevale, Townsville 6,878ha  :Caledonia, Aramac 30,100 :Amber Station, Mount Surprise 103,000ha :K Park, Charters Towers 562ha :Dillon Creek, Charters Towers 2,952ha :Laudham Park, Townsville 4,789ha  :Daintree Island 30.4ha  :Strathleven, Chillagoe 90,000ha  :Maryvale, Charters Towers 67,200ha :Tandanus, Charters Towers 11,159ha  :Springvale Station, Lakeland 56,000ha  :Bettsvale, Pentland 5,256ha  :Gunnadoo, Charters Towers 57975ha  :Lucky Creek, Middlemount  5243ha :Kangerong, Charters Towers 22400ha  :Barwidgi, Mt Garnet (74100ha) :Niall, Charters Towers 43200ha  :Koolatah Stn, Normanton, 170000ha  :Dixie Stn, Laura  402,000ha  :Crosby Stn, Laura 113,000ha  :Menavale, Innisfail 352ha  :Uramo Stn, Mt Garnet  2347ha  :Glen Dhu Stn, Mt Garnet 22144ha  :Inorunie Stn, 35200ha (2) : Burlington Stn, Mt Surprise 45500ha  :Bullock Ck Stn, Mt Surprise 74000ha (2)  :Crystalbrook Lake, Chillagoe, 33900ha  :Rungulla Stn, Kidston 82879ha  :Gilbert River Stn, Kidston 37036ha  :Hazelwood, Hughenden  9253ha (2)  :Camden Park, Hughenden  27039ha  :Illalong, Richmond 12336ha (3)   : Sandalwood, Hughenden 16060ha  :Terranburby, Richmond 10939ha  :Ophir, Richmond, 9631ha  :Mt Oweenee, Charters Towers 25000ha  :Redlands Stn, Charters Towers, 5163ha  :Ulgula Park, Charters Towers  531ha (2)  :Lamoy Stn, Charters Towers,1620ha  :Gamma Stn, Charters Towers,1382ha  :Narellan Stn, Pentland, 44800ha  :Silver Valley, Charters Towers 10101ha  :Kirk Diggings, Charters Towers, 712ha  :Glen Kathleen, Townsville  3236ha  :Redhill Stn, Charters Towers  4412ha  :Inderi, Rolleston 3002ha

Additionally, Slaney & Co have successfully sold smaller rural lifestyle properties and businesses in the Charters Towers district. Recognition, in the form of Testimonials from former clients, continues to be the Slaney & Co ‘trump card’ and a significant marketing advantage. Henry reckons ‘when satisfied clients put their thoughts in writing, we must be doing something right.’