Giles & Sally Atkinson – Gunnawarra Stn, Mt.Garnet

After having our Innisfail property “Mena Vale ” listed with a number of different agents, including all the big name ones, for a couple of years and with few inspections, we were becoming quite disillusioned with agents and their attitudes in general.

After approaching Henry in mid 2005 we were pleasantly surprised and quite impressed at the speed and professionalism at which Henry showed in getting a marketing programme under way. We were also impressed with the professional approach and attitude Henry displayed in his marketing programme for our property which sold after auction 3 months after initially approaching him. Henry kept a cool head when things didn’t seem to progress in the right direction and in the end brokered a price that we were happy with.

I guess what impressed us the most about Henry was his integrity, attitude and commitment towards us as the Vendors. In the past we have been wary of agents because they have given us the impression they were working for the buyer more than ourselves even though we were paying their way. Not so with Henry, he didn’t leave us in any doubt that he was committed to and working for us, and if for no other reason, we would highly recommend Henry as your selling agent.