Robert & Sally Kirkwood – Lamoy Charters Towers

Robert and I sold our property “Lucky Break” to the Government in 2010. It is such an emotional roller coaster ride when making big life changing decisions so after the sale, we were feeling at a loss and took some time away to visit friends in the US. Upon returning to Australia we started to look for our new home but had no real idea of what, or where, that would be.Now there are some lovely agents out there but we all know too well that there are agents that will try and sell you anything, despite the clients’ heartfelt interests. It is hard to place faith and trust in those types of agents. Let’s face it; when making a big decision, whether it is buying or selling, you want someone on your side who is working with you.
Henry had seen us at an auction and approached us to see how we were going and asked what we were after. Our first impression was that he cared and that he was very genuine. Over the next few months Henry kept in touch and kept us informed with properties that he thought would suit. We were very impressed with his professionalism. He never pulled on the quirky sale pitches. Instead he would show us the properties and leave the decision making up to us.

We would often ask Henry’s opinion and he would always give an honest unbiased answer. We appreciated this very much, as it showed that he respected us and our business. Henry treated us with integrity and honesty and it was always enjoyable going on inspections with him.
Henry suggested that we inspect “Lamoy”, a 4000acre property near Charters Towers. We were pleasantly surprised and it seemed to tick many of the boxes on our list. We decided to make an offer and were again on that emotional roller coaster ride of doing more figures and cash flows and the gut wrenching feeling of “are we doing the right thing”? Henry was fabulous throughout this period, never pushy or nosey. He was in fact very supportive and kept us well informed.

We highly recommend Henry to anyone who is buying and after reading all the other testimonials, it seems that he is fabulous at selling as well. It was such a pleasure to do business with an agent whose professionalism, integrity and ethics are of a high standard. He also sees the bigger picture and works with you. We would definitely use Henry again.