Dennis & Kylie Bolton – Humpybong Stn, Townsville

We have known Henry for some time, so we discussed our property interests on many occasions. Henry initially suggested an opportunity to upgrade our property holdings.

Henry’s proposition was to sell our current holding of “Chippendale” at Charters Towers and then buy “Nevilles & Humpybong Stations” at Townsville. Henry explained that this could allow us to amalgamate all agistment cattle onto one property. The saving made by holding one property without requiring agistment would offset the upgrading costs.

We worked through the sums, looked at the properties and decided to follow Henry’s recommendation of back-to-back, sell and buy contracts … about 12weeks later it was done!

Henry was knowledgeable about the country, he gave us time to do our homework, and because of that we were confident to make the move. We consider Henry trustworthy, capable, knowledgeable and understanding to the things that are important to us.

We would recommend Henry to any cattleman looking to sell their place.