Emerald market report

24 Jun 2022



Emerald Livestock Selling Agents yarded 1240 head today, a slight increase on last week’s numbers. All normal processors present with one in particular being very selective in his purchases.   The cattle were drawn from Richmond, Collinsville and all local areas.    As parts of Queensland start to dry up and numbers become

abundant, the market is easing slowly in line with most other centres.

  • Steers 200kg – 280kg reached 678c/kg to average 641c/kg
  • Steers 280kg – 350kg reached 618c/kg to average 577c/kg
  • Steers 350kg – 400kg reached 562c/kg to average 460c/kg
  • Steers 400kg – 500kg reached 519c/kg to average 451c/kg
  • Steers 500kg – 550kgs reached 500c/kg to average 442c/kg
  • Meatworks Steers over 550kgs reached 457c/kg and average 417c/kg
  • Heifers 200kg – 280kg reached 520c/kg and average 430c/kg
  • Heifers 280kg – 350kg reached 494c/kg and average 398c/kg
  • Heifers 350kg – 400kg reached 538c/kg and average 403c/kg
  • Heifers +400kg reached 430c/kg and average 385c/kg
  • Cows 400kg – 500kg reached 371c/kg to average 340c/kg
  • Cows + 520kg reached 371c/kg and average 346c/kg
  • Most Bulls yarded went to live export to average 350c/kg for the heavier
  • A line of good quality PTIC Droughtmaster Heifers A/c L & A Tincknell, Springsure sold from $2475/head to $2400/head.

Sale Highlights:

Peter Cook & Family, “Beaumont” Pine Hill sold Droughtmaster Steers for 456c/kg, to weigh 575kgs and gross $2,626 per head.

Rod Barrett, “Mt Leura”, Rubyvale sold Charbray X Steers to 428c/kg to weigh 616kgs and gross $2,637 per head.

Ray Milne, “Monklands” Alpha sold Charolais X Steers for 552c to weigh 350kgs and gross $1932 per head.

Adams & Schimke, “Minerva”, Springsure sold Angus Heifers for 538c to 363kgs and gross $1955 per head.

Tincknell Family, “Cambridge Downs”, Springsure sold PTIC Droughtmaster Heifers to average $2415 a head.


Market report Emerald Market Report – 23 June 2022