Emerald market report

18 Jan 2018


17TH JANUARY 2019 

STEERS UP TO 200 133 134.2 199.1 261.2
200-280 705 120.0 244.4 328.2
280-350 324 148.2 254.7 281.2
350-400 70 140.0 252.2 277.2
400-500 208 200.2 278.2 288.2
500-550 15 260.2 277.5 281.2
OVER 550 82 230.0 279.3 283.2
HEIFERS UP TO 200 270 130.0 164.9 180.0
200-280 814 80.0 198.1 237.2
280-350 227 100.0 223.1 257.2
350-400 93 80.0 231.9 251.2
OVER 400 66 180.0 250.8 272.2
COWS 300-400 28 80.0 159.0 212.2
400-450 117 100.0 186.0 220.0
450-520 140 142.2 217.5 231.2
OVER 520 71 185.2 219.2 230.2
BULLS UP TO 450 20 100.0 236.7 264.2
  450-600 11 255.2 261.2 264.2
OVER 600 28 190.0 240.2 261.2


The first Emerald combined cattle sale for 2019 saw a very large yarding of just under 3500 head offered. The large mixed quality yarding saw cattle drawn from all local districts with the inclusion of some large lines of store cattle from Alice Springs, Hughenden, Richmond, Torrens creek, Aramac and other northern districts. The usual meatworks and feedlot buyers were in attendance and operating in a firm market compared to the last couple of sale of 2018. Whilst a limited supply of restocker buyers were present and operated in a selective manner of competition. Bullocks over 550 kgs topped at 283.2c/kg to average 279c/kg, whilst lighter bullocks in short supply topped at 281.2c/kg to average 277c/kg. Prime heavy heifers over 400 kgs reached an isolated 272.2c/kg to average 250c/kg. Heavy prime cows over 520 kgs reached a healthy 230.2c/kg to average 219c/kg. Feeder steers 400-500 kgs in good supply and quality topped at 288.2c/kg to average 278.2c/kg in a firm market. Weaner steers 200-280 kgs in large supply topped at a very isolated sale of 328.2c/kg for some lightweight EU accredited Charolais x steers whilst steers in this weight range averaged 244c/kg. Feeder weight heifers 350-400 kgs reached 251.2c/kg to average 231.2c/kg. Weaner heifers 200-280 kgs in large supply and type topped at 237.2c/kg to average 198c/kg. Overall compared to the closing sale of last year the heavier feeder and meatworks type cattle sold to a frim market whilst lightweight cattle are experiencing the tougher end of the market.



Gladys Holmes “Alamay” Yamala, sold trade weight Charbray bullocks weighing 522 kgs which made 281.2c/kg to return $1469/head. Ross & Toni Kajewski & family “Wyandra” Springsure, sold heavy Charbray bullocks weighing 680 kgs which made 281.2c/kg to return $1912/head. Wayne & Janelle Gakowski “Karvella” Emerald, sold bullocks weighing 607 kgs which made 280c/kg to return $1701/head. Ashley & Tara Walters Emerald, sold no.6 Droughtmaster bullocks for 283c/kg weighing 675 kgs to return $1911/head. Robert & Gail Donaldson “Roblee” Bogantungan, sold Droughtmaster cows to 228c/kg weighing 567kgs to return $1295/head. The Heelan Family “Pasha” Clermont, sold grain fed prime heifers weighing 422 kgs which made 253c/kg to return $1068/head. Clayton & Sam Moger Capella, sold Santa feeder steers weighing 440 kgs, which made 281.2c/kg and $1239/head. Tammy Mckinlay “9-mile” Comet, sold Charbray x feeder steers weighing 440 kgs which made 285c/kg to return $1254/head. George, Maree & Steve Saunders “Medway Park” Bogantungan, sold a draft of Charbray/Droughtmaster x weaned steers topping at 262.2c/kg, with the lead pen of Charbray steers weighing 267 kgs which made 250.2c/kg to return $668/head. AR & LM Parker “Eastmere” Aramac, sold EU accredited Charbray weaner steers topping at 328.2c/kg, the draft averaged 310c/kg weighing 230kgs to return $712/head. A & S Bulger “Serento” The willows, sold Charolais feeder heifers 248c/kg weighing 363kgs and return $900/head. Gladys Holmes “Alamay” Yamala, sold heavy Charbray weaner heifers weighing 347 kgs which made 236.2c/kg to return $820/head. George, Maree & Steve Saunders “Medway Park” Bogantungan, sold a line of weaned Charbray/Droughtmaster x heifers topping the sale at 237.2c/kg, for 277 kgs to return $658/head.

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