Important Grazing Biosecurity Notice For All Graziers!

19 Jun 2017


Every grazier will need to have a biosecurity plan in place to maintain a J-BAS score of 6 or higher by the 1st October.

What this means exactly put simply, to be able sell cattle interstate(Darwin) or to sell to people that trade interstate you must have a JBAS score of 6 or more. This may affect your business because of trade restrictions. The new biosecurity  J-BAS scores will restrict this. If you ignore this and don’t have a plan by the 30th of JUNE you will have a J-BAS score of 0, if you have a Biosecurity Plan you will start on a J BAS score 7. With no vet testing for Johne’s disease, will become a score 6 after 12 months. Everyone should aim for a score 6. The minimum requirement for interstate travel to NT is a score of 6. This is one of biggest influencing factors in a cattle traders market.

Please read the attached documents.

Attached are two biosecurity plans. One from BMP and the other from LBN. May18_Biosecurity-Plan-Template-Johnes-2017-V1.4    Grazing-Manual-Biosecurity-Form_fillable

Either manual works. For the BMP biosecurity plan answer the questions either yes or Non applicable N/A. If you answer NO your biosecurity plan will be void.

For the LBN plan you will be required to complete green sections, the white sections are optional. Some of the biosecurity measures aren’t required to be implemented straight away but must be completed before the  12 months finishes. You can show on your biosecurity plan how you will achieve these measures over the 12 month period.

*   This will be your biosecruity plan to keep at home.

*   Completing this form – store it online, save a file to the computer

and keep a hard copy will allow for easy distribution to purchasers as proof of your J-BAS score.

*   It is recommended to get a veterinarian to look over your biosecurity

plan to ensure it has been completed correctly. (If you wish to have a JBAS score of 7 you must have a veterinarian sign off on your Biosecurity plan).

If you are a stud breeder or own properties in NT or WA a JBAS score 7 is recommended.

Attached is a J-BAS info score sheet for reference. J-BAS_April-2017-2

Attached is the National Cattle Health Declaration form which will accompany all cattle bought and sold. This necessary to maintain your biosecurity plan. NATIONAL-CATTLE-HEALTH-DECLARATION_fillable_251016_FA

Attached a short word document (J-BAS info) explaining in basic terms the scoring system and what needs to be completed and maintained for different J-BAS scores. (Remember a 6 is ideal) J-BAS Info

If you need any further advice or help understanding these requirements to reach your preferred J-BAS score.


Charters Towers Veterinary Service on 07 4754 7400 (ask for a vet)

Also you can contact a member for LBN – Rachael O’Brien 0418 722 461

Plus you can contact Biosecurity Qld

Charters Towers Office- 07 4761 5154

Hughenden Office – 07 4741 1155

Please be polite when speaking with these people. These new Bio security guidelines were not brought in by them and it’s not their fault. They are here to help.

A good J BAS score not compulsory, however recommended.

You are all welcome to ring me for any further info.

Tom Slaney

Livestock & Property Sales

Phone: 07 4787 1811

Mobile: 0439 462 080