Gracemere Sale report

1 Mar 2024

Yarding Numbers: 3,456
Location: Gracemere
Date: February 28, 2024
Gracemere Combined Agents have seen another strong yarding of cattle this week with 3456 head on offer, comprising of 2008 Steers, 932 Heifers, 417 Cows, 44 Bulls and 53 cows and calves. The market in general was firm to stronger in places when considering a higher percentage of the yarding was brahman or high brahman content compared to the previous week. In the Steer market today, heavy steers softened by a few cents on average, feeders and heavy weaner steer average was firm on last week and we see a kick in the light weaners steers. The increase in cow numbers we meet with strong competition, Cows up 5 cents on last week. Heifers were firm last week across all categories other than weaner heifers, which strengthened by up to 30 cents in places.


Cedervale Pastoral Co, Ubobo sold a run of Brahman Cross Steers topping at 344c weighing 466kgs to return $1603/hd

Ryan & Villani, Sarina sold Charbray Steers 362c weighing 447kg to return $1619/hd

Deborah Mylrea, Coowonga sold Charbray Steers for 366c weighing 429kg to return $1572/hd.

Branxholme pty ltd, St Lawrence sold a run of grey Brahman Steers topping at 322c weighing 389kg to return $1254/hd

Olive Brahmans, Marlborough sold Brahman Steers for 364c weighing 340kg to return $1239/hd

Booth Bros, St Lawrence sold Speckle Park Cross Steers for 358c weighing 321kg to return $1152/hd

Booth Bros, St Lawrence sold Brangus Steers for 382c weighing 284kg to return $1085/hd

V&K Duff, Garnant sold Brangus Steers for 370c weighing 275kg to return $1020/hd

RA & LM Cullen, Calliope sold Brahman Weaner Steers for 370c weighing 271kg to return $1004/hd

WR Baker, Goovigen sold Drougtmaster Cross Weaner Steers for 392c weighing 268kg to return $1053/hd

CW Wright, Mt Larcom Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 400c/kg weighing 225kg to return $903/hd

Michelle Morrice, Port Curtis sold Charbray Feeder Heifers for 278c weighing 402kg to return $1118/hd

R & C Yench, Gin Gin sold Droughtmaster Heifers for 272c weighing 383kg to return $1043/hd

Madaus Holdings, Bouldercombe sold Droughtmaster Feeder Heifers for 270c weighing 374kg to return $1010/hd

Windy Hills Grazing PTY LTD, Dululu, sold Droughtmaster Heifers at 278.2c weighing 246kg to return $684/hd

P & J Stone, Baralaba sold Euro Cross Cows for 264c weighing 591kg to return $1563/hd

Goomally Pty Ltd, Duaringa, sold Brahman Cross Cows for 253c weighing 530kg to return $1340/hd

Windy Hills Grazing PTY LTD, Dululu, sold Droughtmaster X Cows topping at 260c weighing 471kg to return $1224/hd

L Spannagle, Finch Hatton Sold Brangus Cross Cows & Calves for $1,550/unit