Charters Towers sale report

7 Jun 2024

Yarding Numbers: 2,226
Location: Charters Towers
Date: June 5, 2024
Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 2,226 Cattle, consisting of 1,202 Prime Cattle and 1,024 Store Cattle. The Prime Cattle consisted of 239 Bullocks, 154 Heifers, 674 Cows and 135 Bulls. The Store Cattle consisted of 432 Steers, 111 Mickeys, 460 Heifers and 21 Cows & Calves.

Cattle comprised of a mixed run of Bullocks along with good lines of prime Heifers and Cows which attracted solid competition. The yarding was drawn from Burketown, Normanton, Hughenden, Clermont, Georgetown as well as local and coastal areas.

Prime Quotes: Bullocks were quoted unchanged, Heifers were 5¢ dearer, Cows were 5¢ dearer, and Bulls were 10¢ dearer on last week’s rates.

Bullocks topped at 234¢/kg for 10 Bullocks sold on A/c EJT & KL Camp, “Floravile”, Burketown that weighed 583kg to return $1,365 per head.
Best Priced trade Heifers were presented on A/c Cunningham Cattle Co, “Katandra”, Hughenden that sold for 238¢/kg and weighed 428kg to return $1,018 per head.
The top pen of Cows were sold by A/c Mt Douglas Pastoral Co, “Mt Douglas”, Clermont for 212¢/kg, weighing 682kg to return $1,447 per head.
Bulls sold on A/c PM & JL Munt, Bilyana topped at 238¢/kg and weighed 750kg, to return $1,786 per head.

Store Quotes: Store cattle were made up of mostly small consignments of local cattle with one large line of Heifers from the north.

A pen of 28 Steers A/c MJ Easton, “Sandy Creek”, Ravenswood made 266¢/kg and weighed 251kg, returning an average of $668 per head.
A good pen of 23 Heifers on A/c Weir Cattle Co, “Inverleigh”, Normanton made 228¢/kg, weighed 268kg returning $611 per head.
21 Cows & Calves sold from $650-$1,000 per unit.