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Charters Towers sale report

1 Mar 2023


Yarding Numbers: 565
Location: Charters Towers
Date: February 28, 2024
Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 565 cattle, consisting of 364 Prime cattle & 201 Store cattle. The Prime Cattle consisted of 113 Bullocks, 35 Heifers, 185 Cows and 31 Bulls.
The Store section consisted of 115 Steers & 86 Heifers.

Cattle comprised of a mixed quality rain reduced yarding with some well finished bullocks & cows selling to a firm market, with most major processors in attendance. The yarding was drawn from Richmond, Barcaldine, Torrens Creek, Hughenden, Mt Coolon, as well as local and coastal areas.

Prime Quotes:
Bullocks were quoted unchanged, Heifers were 5¢ dearer, Cows were 5¢ easier and Bulls were 10¢ easier on last sale.
Bullocks topped at 294.2¢/kg for 4 Ox sold on A/c Kelinda Pedracini, that weighed 585kg to return a $1,721 per head.
Best Priced trade Heifers were presented on A/c DJ, PL & H Holdcroft for 2¢/kg, weighing 415kg to return $1,088 per head.
The top pen of Cows were sold on A/c JA & PA Wilson that sold for 0¢/kg and weighed 528kg to return $1,256 per head.
Bulls sold on A/c Helenslee Holdings sold for 0¢/kg and weighed 878kg, to return $2,388 per head.

Store Quotes:
Store cattle were in limited supply due to the local weather conditions, We once again saw good quality cattle receive adequate competition selling to mainly local restockers.
A pen of 5 Steers A/c CNK Farming made 2¢/kg and weighed 352kg, returning an average of $1120 per head.
A good pen of 21 steers A/c Rosetta Grazing made 2¢/kg weighed 242kg and returned $769 per head.
A good pen of 10 Heifers on A/c D & A Forster made 288¢/kg weighed 240kg returning $691 per

Charters Towers Market Nutrien Market Report 27022024

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