Charters Towers sale report

13 Jul 2019


Friday – 10th July 2020

Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 3931 head. Store Cattle consisted of 2082 Steers, 266 Mickeys and 1583 Heifers.

A small gallery of buyers operated on again a large number of Store Cattle with Steers 320-400kg selling to similar rates while Steers 320kg and less including Weaner types sold to much cheaper rates by up to 30¢/kg. All lines of Heifers eased in rates across the board.

The yarding was drawn from McKinlay, Julia Creek, Normanton, Mt Isa, Burketown, Prairie, Richmond, Hughenden, Mt Garnet, Mt Surprise, Ingham, Einasleigh, Bower, Collinsville, local and coastal areas.

Store Quotes:

Generally, the yarding was of good quality but not quite up to the very good quality yarding of last week. The yarding consisted of less Crossbred types and more Brahman and Brahman Cross cattle were yarded this week.

Description Wt. Range kg Head Price in cents/kg
Lowest Average Highest


Up to 200kg 276 280 363 384
200 – 320kg 1137 240 328 384
320 – 400kg 601 240 337 356
Over 400kg 68 310 344 354
Mickeys Up to 400kg 265 200 311 344


Up to 200kg 222 235 276 300
200 – 320kg 1062 150 281 306
320 – 370kg 232 235 287 316
Over 370kg 67 250 308 320

A good run of 252 Steers a/c Jervoise Station, Greenvale topped at 384¢/kg to average 359¢/kg and weighed 221kg returning an average of $795 per head. A good pen of 20 Heifers on a/c LA & PA Thomson, Kallanda Station, Mt Fox made 320¢/kg, weighed 372kg, returning an average of $1190 per head. 4×4 Cows & Calves sold on a/c BW & MI Landsberg, Hopeview, Charters Towers returned $1620 per unit.


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