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Gracemere cattle sale report

22 Jul 2021
  • Yarding Numbers: 3,017
  • Location: Gracemere
  • Date: July 21, 2021

The yarding at CQLX Gracemere decreased by 351 to 3,017 head. Cattle were penned from across Central Queensland, North to Bowen and Collinsville. There were several small lines of PTIC females penned along with some very good quality vealer and yearling cattle. The buyer panel was similar to last sale with additional restockers active throughout the day improving prices in many categories.

Steer calves to restockers topped at 645c with a large sample of mixed sexes averaging 599c/kg. Vealer steers made to a top of 629c and sold to restockers to return a 601c/kg average. The best of the vealer heifers averaged 601c/kg to restockers. Light and medium weight yearling steers returned averages from 521c to 569c whilst heavy pens averaged from 471c to 493c/kg. Yearling heifers improved to average from 437c to 517c/kg. Medium and heavy pens went mostly to feed yards and averaged from 415c to 456c/kg.

Grown steers to feedlots averaged from 390c for heavy weights to 457c for in spec weights and a few sales to 490c/kg. A few bullocks to processors averaged 387c/kg. The best of the grown heifers to the trade made from 388c to 395c, while those to restockers averaged 402c to 419c/kg for predominantly grey Brahman heifers. Restocker cows topped at 353c for pens of light PTIC cows, while heavy PTIC cows sold to processors for a top of 329c/kg. Heavy score 4 cows averaged 317c/kg. Heavy bulls were well supplied and averaged from 337c to 353c/kg to live export and feed. Well-bred cows and calves sold from $1,925 to $2,695/unit.

Description Min c/kg Avg c/kg Max c/kg
Steers Slaughter 360.0 392.1 440.0
401-500kg 300.0 421.8 490.2
301-400kg 312.2 481.2 550.2
201-300kg 70.2 576.5 644.2
Under 200kg 430.20 602.2 644.2
Cows Slaughter 150.0 321.8 390.2
400-450kg 264.2 303.9 354.2
320-400kg 75.2 291.9 359.2
Under 320kg 25.2 185.5 270.2
Heifers Heavy 302.2 397.9 428.2
301-400kg 300.0 418.8 472.2
201-300kg 100.0 435.0 520.2
Under 200kg 250.0 492.1 530.2
      Cows & Calves $2,190/unit $2,695/unit
Bulls Over 600kg 226.2 334.9 366.2
450kg-600kg 294.2 327.0 352.2
Under 450kg 280.0 416.9 550.2


P.Jacklin, Dingo sold Brahman cross steers for 424ckg weighing 519kg returning $2,201 p/h

Bella Grazing, Banana sold Brangus weaner steers for 550ckg weighing 310kg returning $1,705 p/h

R J Dunning Morinish sold 15 No 0 Limo cross to top 460ckg to avg 498kg to return $2184 p/h

J & Y Galea, Sarina sold Brangus Cross weaner steers for 598ckg weighing 258kg returning $1,546 p/h

Deem Family Dalma sold speckle park steers for 636c weighing 246kg to return $1565

IL Farmer, Thangool sold Brangus Cross steers for 387c/kg weighing 593kg to return$ 2296.10/hd

Evan Woodard, Duaringa sold Brangus Steers for 618.2c/kg weighing 222kg to return $1375.50

Kenwill Holdings Stanage sold Brangus no.0 steers for 494c/kg weighing 375kg to return $1857/

Malvern Developments, Keppel Sands sold weaner steers for 644.2c/kg weighing 203kg  to return $1310.55/hd

Corones Family, Bororen sold Droughtmaster cows for 331.2c/kg weighing 646.3kg to return $2140.38/hd

Parker Cattle Co Alton Downs sold Brangus cows topping at 333c/kg weighing 756kg to return $2519

Wales Grazing Co, Biloela sold Brahman Cross heifers for 428.2c/kg weighing 421.9kg to return $1806.47/hd

K Ball Goovigen sold Droughtmaster heifers for 518c/kg weighing 240kg to return $1240

Bauman and Acton Dingo sold Charbray cross heifers for 410c/kg weighing 497kg to return $2040/head

Myola Partnership, Marlborough sold Brangus heifers for 516c/kg weighing 211kg to return $1,089.89/hd

To read the full market report MLA Market Report


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