Gracemere cattle sale report

10 Jul 2020


Gracemere Market Report 08/07/2020

CQLX combined agents yarded a total of 3,891, consisting of 1,577 steers, 1,780 heifers, 444 cows, 25 bulls and 65 cows & calves. Cattle were drawn from Sarina, Nebo, Marlborough, Biloela and all local areas. Prime cattle held previous week’s rates with better finished pens selling to a dearer trend. Feeder cattle sold firm with regular buyers in attendance. A better line up of store cattle came to hand with both steers and heifers lifting on previous rates, with local restockers being active to secure lines of cattle. Cows & calves also sold to a dearer market with a large panel of buyers.

Description Numbers Min c/kg Avg c/kg Max c/kg
Steers Slaughter 13 270 301.6 319.2
401-500kg 102 278.2 358.1 378.2
301-400kg 289 250.2 355.2 386.2
201-300kg 914 200 407.1 458.2
Under 200kg 200 200 407.1 442.2
Cows Slaughter 292 180 286.6 322.2
401-450kg 113 234.2 264.1 292.2
320-400kg 32 130.2 244 262.2
Under 320kg 2 170.2 194.9 220
Heifers Heavy 77 276.2 326.7 338.2
301-400kg 604 234.2 329.1 358.2
201-300kg 962 130.2 326 376.2
Under 200kg 161 210 343.7 378.2
Cows and Calves 65 1,332 2,125
Bulls Over 600kg 17 250 293.6 308.2
450-600kg 3 268.2 279.6 297.2
Under 450kg 51 238.2 315.1 400.2


Adams Family, Dalma, sold Droughtmaster x steers to 378c/kg, weighing 444kg, to return $1,679/hd.

EM & TL Jones, Dalma, sold Charbray steers at 420c/kg, weighing 270kg, to return $1,135/hd.

GJ Perry, Nine Mile, sold a run of Droughtmaster weaner steers to average 458c/kg, weighing 254kg, to average $1,163/hd.

VP Olive, Granite Vale, St Lawrence, sold a line of Grey Brahman weaner steers for 442c/kg, weighing 219kg, to return $978/hd.

R Dunning, Morinish, sold a pen of Droughtmaster/Limo x steers to top 377c/kg, weighing 453kg, to return $1,710/hd.

Summa Simmentals, Middlemount, sold Simbrah weaner steers to 434c/kg, weighing 281kg, returning $1,220/hd.

Moorvale Partnership, Nebo, sold Brangus steers for 438c/kg, weighing 234kg, to return $1,027/hd.

R Dunning, Morinish, sold a pen Droughtmaster/Limo x cows to top 293c/kg, weighing 573kg, to return $1,681/hd.

T&J Holland, Wycarbah, sold a pen of Droughtmaster x cows to top 285c/kg, to weigh 538kg, to return $1,535/hd.

Cash Family, St Lawrence, sold a pen of Brahman cows at 287c/kg, weighing 503kg, to return $1,445/hd.

Paul Hinchliffe, Wowan, sold heavy Brahman cows to 289c/kg, weighing 666kg, to return $1,926/hd.

Hazelton Pastoral, Middlemount, sold Charbray cows for 301c/kg, weighing 586kg, to return $1,764/hd.

GJ Perry, Nine Mile, sold Droughtmaster heifers to 370c/kg, weighing 219kg, to make $811/hd.

G Dunning, Morinish, sold Santa x heifers to 346c/kg, weighing 346kg, to return $1,312/hd.

Citifarm Holdings, Dingo, sold Charbray weaner heifers for 366c/kg, weighing 263kg, to return $965/h

  To read the full market report courtesy of Savage, Barker & Backhouse  08-Jul-2020-GracemereCattle