Gracemere cattle sale report

2 Apr 2020


Gracemere Market Report 01/04/2020

There was a large drop in numbers this week at CQLX Gracemere, combined agents yarded a total of 2773 head, comprising of 1073 steers, 1006 heifers, 532 cows, 40 bulls and 122 cows & calves. All meatworks buyers were in attendance with the prime cattle selling to a firm market. With less feeders to quote on, prices eased on all steer categories. The heifer market remained to a firm trend. Store cattle eased for a plainer category with better cattle experiencing last weeks rates. Cows & calves sold to a firm market with plenty of competition.

Description Numbers Min Average Max



Slaughter 96 251.20 c/kg 286.30 c/kg 289.20 c/kg
401-500kg 54 274.20 c/kg 293.20 c/kg 306.20 c/kg
301-400kg 298 170.00 c/kg 294.40 c/kg 342.20 c/kg
201-300kg 458 100.00 c/kg 311.10 c/kg 396.20 c/kg
Under 200kg 82 180.00 c/kg 326.70 c/kg 398.20 c/kg



Slaughter 315 182.20 c/kg 243.80 c/kg 279.20 c/kg
401-450kg 111 120.00 c/kg 219.20 c/kg 265.20 c/kg
320-400kg 39 120.00 c/kg 196.10 c/kg 260.00 c/kg
Under 320kg 11 155.00 c/kg 174.80 c/kg 230.00 c/kg



Heavy 44 208.20 c/kg 255.50 c/kg 292.20 c/kg
301-400kg 365 190.20 c/kg 290.00 c/kg 322.20 c/kg
201-300kg 551 144.20 c/kg 280.00 c/kg 338.20 c/kg
Under 200kg 95 100.00 c/kg 271.90 c/kg 323.20 c/kg
Cows and Calves   $/hd 1,300.00 $/hd 1,550.00 $/hd
Bulls Over 600kg 24 230.00 c/kg 266.70 c/kg 282.20 c/kg
  450-600kg 16 200.00 c/kg 251.80 c/kg 273.20 c/kg
  Under 450kg 90 170.00 c/kg 242.40 c/kg 266.20 c/kg

Purcell Family, Marlborough, sold a run of Angus cross steers topping 316c/kg weighing 399kg to return $1263 Boongana Pty Ltd, Blackwater, sold Braford steers to average 394c/kg, weighing 213kg, to return $841/hd.

B Brown, Wowan, sold Droughtmaster steers to average 346c/kg, weighing 255kg, to return $882/hd.

N & L Ralph, Baralaba, sold Santa cows to 254c/kg, weighing 597kg, to return $1,505/hd.

VP Olive, Granite Vale, St Lawrence, sold Brahman cows for 256c/kg, weighing 538kg, to return $1,380/hd.

L Edgar, Morinish, sold Droughtmaster cows to 256c/kg, weighing 554kg, to return $1,419/hd.

Montrose Grazing Co., Marlborough, sold a quality line of Grey Brahman No.8 heifers for 322c/kg, weighing 333kg, to return $1,073/hd.

Advance Pty Ltd, Stanage Bay, sold prime heifers to 292c/kg, weighing 500kg, to return $1,461/hd.

Cedar Creek Grazing, Gogango, sold heifers to 328c/kg, weighing 296kg, to return $97/hd.

L Downing, Mt Larcom, sold Droughtmaster cows and calves $1,500/unit.


  To read the full market report courtesy of Savage, Barker & Backhouse Market-Report-01.04.2020