Gracemere cattle sale report

26 Nov 2020


Gracemere Market Report 25/11/2020

CQLX Gracemere agents yarded an increased number of 4,634 head today, comprising 2,380 steers, 1,946 heifers, 278 cows, 24 bulls, and 6 cows & calves. The increased yarding was mainly due to large single vendor quality lines being drawn from the Nebo/Collinsville area. Other cattle where drawn from Koumala, Dingo, and local areas. All processors were present but where not as strong as previous weeks. Feeder steers decreased slightly on last week’s exceptionally high rates. Weaner steers struggled to maintain previous weeks’ highs but where still keenly sought after. Similar trends were seen in the heifer market.

Description Numbers Min Average Max



Slaughter 20 350.2 c/kg 359.6 c/kg 396.2 c/kg
401-500kg 205 328.2 c/kg 384.9 c/kg 406.2 c/kg
301-400kg 669 260 c/kg 394.5 c/kg 426.2 c/kg
201-300kg 1029 130.2 c/kg 413.4 c/kg 472.2 c/kg
Under 200kg 402 250 c/kg 468.8 c/kg 518.2 c/kg



Slaughter 94 248.2 c/kg 276.4 c/kg 339.2 c/kg
401-450kg 66 226.2 c/kg 280.5 c/kg 348.2 c/kg
320-400kg 54 168.2 c/kg 275.9 c/kg 340.2 c/kg
Under 320kg 9 196.2 c/kg 214 c/kg 263.2 c/kg



Heavy 38 300 c/kg 354.8 c/kg 388.2 c/kg
301-400kg 467 330.2 c/kg 375.1 c/kg 422.2 c/kg
201-300kg 845 230.2 c/kg 382.2 c/kg 440.2 c/kg
Under 200kg 629 238.2 c/kg 414.4 c/kg 456.2 c/kg
Cows and Calves 6 $/hd 1,520 $/hd 1,825 $/hd
Bulls Over 600kg 15 200 c/kg 257.2 c/kg 318.2 c/kg
450-600kg 7 200 c/kg 299.9 c/kg 350 c/kg
Under 450kg 88 200 c/kg 330.7 c/kg 468.2 c/kg

R & J Jacobsen, Kunwarara, sold Brangus steers for 400c/kg, weighing 431kg, to return $1,728/hd.

Montrose Grazing Co., Marlborough, sold EU Brahman weaner steers for 472c/kg, weighing 221kg, to return $1,043/hd. Greenlakes Station, Barmoya, sold a run of 231 Brahman x steers to make 518c/kg, weighing 145kg, to return $752.57/hd.

R & K Hannant, Mt Larcom, sold Droughtmaster steers at 468c/kg, weighing 243kg, to return $1,138/hd.

Lake Elphinstone, Nebo, sold a run of 124 Brahman steers topping at 386c/kg, weighing 357kg, to return $1,382/hd.

Barlow Park, Kinka Beach, sold Brahman x cows at 281c/kg, weighing 526kg, to return $1,479/hd. EM & RF Bella, Nebo, sold No.9 Brangus heifers for 410c/kg, weighing 339kg, to return $1,390/hd.

D & S Kent, Banana, sold Brahman heifers for 388c/kg, weighing 353kg, to return $1,373/hd.

TA Wood & VS Conolly, Koumala, sold Grey Brahman heifers to top at 426c/kg, weighing 193kg, to return $826/hd.

V Hunt, Dululu, sold Charbray heifers at 440c/kg, weighing 257kg, to return $1,132/hd.

Greenlakes Station, sold a run of 220 Brahman x heifers to average 456c/kg, weighing 167kg, to return $762/hd.

D Clark, sold a run of Brahman No.9 heifers to make 368c/kg, weighing 472kg, to return $1,728/hd.

  To read the full market report courtesy of Savage, Barker & Backhouse Market-Report-25.11.2020-1